He is going to keep on pouring money into efforts to stop the next pandemic until he finally succeeds in making one that kills us all
Remember, if you're a Founding Member (the $300/year level), I owe you one. A bunch of you responded to last week's reminder - and I've never been so…
I know yesterday's piece on the endless efforts to push the natural origins theory of Sars-Cov-2 was looong. Here's a TL:DR version, in handy…
It got some attention when it came out in early March. It deserves much more.
And the scientists involved with this charade must know the truth, because they know raccoon dogs are a near-impossible animal host - and what real…
No one's gotten around to leaking Sars-Cov-3 yet...
This time on a Southwest flight out of Las Vegas yesterday
Please stop with the raccoon dogsLast night, The Atlantic - of course it was The Atlantic - had BREAKING NEWS! And by BREAKING NEWS I mean yet another migraine-inducing story pu…
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