And why it is so hard for the people in charge to understand when they've made a catastrophic mistake, much less change course
... which is funny, since as all of you know basically all the stories on here are free within a day or two. My reply is below.
In my article about Yasmin Vossoughian, I said that I hadn't found any public acknowledgement she was jabbed (though I had every reason to believe she…
It was because of a cold, people. A COLD! From the Can't Make It Up Department
Spoiler alert: it isn't good.
James Lawrence just sent me the first draft. It's delicious.
1,800 more cases than expected followed the shots, one for every 2,200 completed vaccinations; the finding is more evidence that the jabs may cause…
A special thanks to you... also, if you are in your second year and would like another copy of PANDEMIA (or a TELL YOUR CHILDREN or any of my novels…
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